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  • Cash Prizes

    Cash Prizes

    Come see if you can win the $500 in cash prizes in the Fitness Bootcamp! ....

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  • $500 Cash Prize

    $500 Cash Prize

    Roufusport Martial Arts will be hosted a huge weight loss contest! We will be giving a $500 cash prize to the person who loses the most weight from JAN 3rd-FEB 17th. This is open to all members from all of the programs we offer. We will have students competing for this from BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, and Fitness Kickboxing. THIS IS GONNA BE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! ....

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  • Teens Kickboxing is catching wind fast!

    Teens Kickboxing is catching wind fast!

    The Teens Kickboxing class at Roufusport Martial Arts in Foley Alabama is a brand new program. The program has only been running for two weeks, it has already grown to 8 people and has many more coming in as we speak. We are looking to see the class at 25 people before the first of the year. Being that this is a new class, some of the teenagers were already a part of the gym in the adult class. Now that the teens have been separated, we have experienced our first two teens receiving promotions. Congratulations to Elijah and Malachi Dill for earning their gray belts in Roufusport Kickboxing under Cris "Golden Leg" Mims. ....

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  • Yearly Schedule coming

    Yearly Schedule coming

    At Roufusport Martial Arts we have worked tirelessly to attempt establish a yearly schedule of competitions to help with the fan and competitor experience. Up until now, the sports of MMA and Kickboxing have been in the "early stages" of development as a sport. Other than a few big name promotions, nobody else has been able to produce a yearly schedule of competitions. Also, nobody can offer a clear and definite path for moving up the ranks as an amateur or as a new pro. We are hoping to join forces with Strikehard Productions and the other gyms in the state of AL to fix these issues so the sport of MMA and Kickboxing can flourish. In January 2019 I'd like to be able to hand a young ....

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  • Good Luck John Noland!!

    Good Luck John Noland!!

    We want to wish John Noland success this weekend at Cage Wars in Crestview Florida! He is an awesome MMA fighter and we are so stoked to see him perform again! #WeGrindTogetherWeShineTogether ....

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  • Tyler Cecil get 1st Kickboxing Victory

    Tyler Cecil get 1st Kickboxing Victory

    Congratulations to Tyler Cecil for winning in his 1st Kickboxing competition. He got a first round TKO in at Pensacola Motorfest fest on Saturday night Oct. 28th. Thanks to Island Fights crew for a great event as always! ....

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  • Here comes Tank!!

    Here comes Tank!!

    Just got the agreement for professional mma fight in Augusta, GA on Nov 17th. Good luck to Michael "Tank" Mitchell in the fight of his life. ....

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